Header picture: The commemoration project

An architectural project commemorating the Plaszow concentration camp was proposed in 2007 by a company trading as Proxima (later GPP). In 2018, the concept was modified in line with a scenario developed by a team of Kraków Museum’s employees. Following the modified guidelines, the commemoration project will include the post-camp area, treated as the genuine witness of death and suffering of the victims, and two exhibition buildings: the Grey House (a historical structure) and a newly constructed Memorial and Educational Centre.

The post-camp area

The post-camp area of 0.37 sq. km is entered in the record of real-property historical monuments. The area contains relics of two pre-war Jewish cemeteries, camp structures and three execution places with mass graves. There are no clear traces of the past, hence markings will be displayed in the area of former camp to indicate the main visiting route. Archaeological surveys conducted in the Memorial Site in 2016–2019 expanded our knowledge of the camp history. Selected objects found during those surveys will be displayed on a permanent exhibition in the KL Plaszow Museum.

The Grey House

A structure located at 3 Jerozolimska Street served as an administration building of the cemetery used by the Jewish Religious Community in Kraków. Constructed in 1925, it was occupied by the management of the necropolis. It was included in camp infrastructure in 1942. It contained offices and a prison. It was adapted as a residential building after the war. The Museum’s project aims to preserve the building, with the greatest care for its historical components. The Grey House will host a permanent exhibition, a workshop space and a reading room.

The Memorial

The historical and thematic section of the permanent exhibition will be hosted by a newly constructed building at Kamieńskiego Street, outside the camp area. The exhibition will be divided into thematic segments addressing the most important threads from the history of the camp and projects aimed at its commemoration after 1945. A visitor service centre will be located near the Memorial.

Maps of Kl plaszow
developed by K. Karski, owned by MKLP