Donate your memorabilia

The Museum builds up its collection by amassing objects related to the KL Plaszow and originating both in the wartime and post-war period.

We encourage you to give us your memorabilia associated with the history of the Plaszow concentration camp. We will appreciate photographs, documents, maps, everyday things, especially chattels once possessed by camp prisoners. We will make every effort to preserve those objects, subject them to professional conservation treatment and make available to people visiting the KL Plaszow Museum.

Financial support

The KL Plaszow Museum was established on 1 January 2021. We are a new, developing institution, hence every kind of financial support provided by you will be appreciated. We need support to expand our activity, including education, scientific research, conservation projects and work aimed to arrange a permanent exhibition.

Donations can be given directly to:

Museum – Memorial Site of KL Plaszow in Kraków.
German Nazi Labour and Concentration Camp (1942-1945) (in organization)
Rynek Główny 35
31-011 Kraków
Bank account number
24 1020 2892 0000 5102 0758 7217