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History of the KL Plaszow

The classes are dedicated to a discussion of the history of KL Plaszow since its origins in 1942, when a forced labour camp was established in the outskirts of Kraków, eventually transformed into a concentration camp and gradually liquidated. Young people will be provided with general information about prisoners’ fate, including threats to their lives, food, contacts with other prisoners and with people from outside the camp, deportations. Finally, the today’s space of the KL Plaszow will be discussed as a location with visible traces of the past.

Duration: about 40 minutes

The KL Plaszow in the stories of survivors

About 35 thousand people were imprisoned in the Plaszow concentration camp. After the war, numerous former prisoners gave their accounts of the camp life that are deposited principally in the Archive of the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw. The workshops are aimed to familiarize young people with the history of the camp told from the perspective of prisoners. Testimonies given by former prisoners not only extend historical knowledge, but also show the individual dimension of suffering caused by a war.

Duration: about 40 minutes

Photographs of the KL Plaszow

The classes are dedicated to a discussion of the collection of about 200 photographs taken in the KL Plaszow in 1943–1944. Young people will learn about the origins of the photographs, and about the methods employed by a researcher who tries to reconstruct the past and camp topography using documentary photographs. The classes will be finalized by reflections on the ethical aspect of taking and publishing photographs that depict human pain and suffering.

Duration: about 40 minutes

Wartime archives – working with historical sources

The history of World War II is described in numerous memoirs, accounts and family stories. The period is also recorded in documents, on photographs, in historical objects and other archive materials.

Young people participating in these workshops will learn about sample historical sources, methods of source seeking and queries, ways of reconstructing personal stories.

Duration: about 40 minutes

History, memory, trace. Relics of World War II in the space of today’s Kraków

Kraków is a city where the past is intermingled with the present. However, when walking on streets, passing by buildings, boards and monuments, we are frequently unaware of their meanings. The workshop is aimed to indicate traces of wartime Kraków preserved in architectural features of today’s city. We will discover them during a virtual walk, analysing archive photographs, historical objects, accounts and stories.

Duration: about 40 minutes