Header picture: Mission and objectives

The sentenced to death in Nazi extermination camps cherished many various hopes and dreams. The most important, last dream on the edge of life and death […] was that we, or at least some of us, will survive to tell the world about that terrifying reality of genocide.

Henryk Zvi Zimmermann, KL Plaszow prisoner


The past and the present, the KL Plaszow in memory and oblivion represent the reference point for our building of open civic attitudes for the future.


Memorial museums were established in post-camp locations to preserve those places and memory of the crimes they saw. They exist as evidence and a warning, to educate visitors in the spirit of humanitarianism. The places also commemorate their victims, especially those who left no relations. The obligation to preserve memory is imposed on specific public institutions but should be assumed by all of us. The mission of the KL Plaszow Museum will be conducted by preserving and managing the former camp area, undertaking research into its past and educational projects. A visit to the memorial site, a real witness of the history, encourages a deep reflection, modification of our former pictures of ourselves and the world, and thus development of empathy and sensitivity.


A visit to the memorial site – the basic form of insight into the site’s history and demonstration of respect for the victims.

Witnesses – maintaining contacts with former prisoners and their families, collecting accounts and memorabilia, involving the witnesses in Museum’s activity.

Science – building up and preserving collections, conducting historical and archaeological research, making available an archive and a library, organizing temporary exhibitions, conferences, popularizing knowledge.

Education – open and decent, available to all; understood as a method of conducting the Museum’s mission.

Participation – building up relationships and creating joint projects (in education, science, arts) with entities preserving memory of the KL Plaszow; volunteering.