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The maps are designed for mobile devices and GPS transmitters

A map of the KL Plaszow

This map of the KL Plaszow was drawn on the basis of a historical camp map and results of surveys conducted by the Kraków Museum since 2016. The map depicts the status of the KL Plaszow in mid-1944 with its main roads, existing buildings, planned structures, water reservoirs for firefighting and execution places.

The map of the KL Plaszow on Google Maps Platform:


The map of the KL Plaszow in the KMZ format:

A map of the “KL Plaszow” open-air exhibition

An open-air exhibition “KL Plaszow” was launched in the camp area in 2017. The boards displayed in the Memorial Site are supplemented with contents sent after the QR codes printed on side panels are scanned, and with a map of the exhibition.

The map of the “KL Plaszow” exhibition on Google Maps Platform:


The map of the “KL Plaszow ” exhibition in the KMZ format: