Educational projects

The interdisciplinary educational project “The KL Plaszow. A History that Connects” is designed for students of Kraków secondary schools. It is aimed to provide young people with knowledge of the KL Plaszow Memorial Site.

The project includes visits of young people to the KL Plaszow Memorial Site and museum exhibitions featuring the history of wartime Kraków, participation in historical and arts workshops. Young people will acquire knowledge of the memorial site, learn to interpret historical sources and will creatively summarize their reflections on the history and memory of KL Plaszow in their final group works.

The project was initiated in September 2020 and supervised by the Kraków Museum. It is now being carried out in cooperation with the KL Plaszow Museum and involves more than 60 students and their tutors from 5 Kraków secondary schools.

Planned finalization: March 2021