The KL Plaszow. An Archaeological Guide

In December 2020, a new book about the Memorial Site was published under the title “The KL Plaszow. An Archaeological Guide”.

The publication is divided into three sections. Section one discusses the concept of a guide meant to provide a starting point for an informed visit to the post-camp area. Section two describes the history of the camp, especially changes in its spatial development. The largest third section contains descriptions of the suggested visiting route including 16 locations. In this lavishly illustrated book, the reader is informed about the most important results of archaeological surveys conducted in the KL Plaszow 2016-2019. The author discusses results of geophysical surveys, field prospection and excavations.

The guide is available also in an English edition.

The book was published as part of the project named “Interdisciplinary research and educational projects preserving and promoting the KL Plaszow memorial site as part of the Museum’s Memory Route”, co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Kraków Municipality, implemented by the Kraków Museum in 2020.

The book is distributed free of charge among interested visitors at the ticket office in the Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory at 4 Lipowa Street in Kraków. Interested visitors are encouraged to contact us at: